SkyRoom Studio Rates
SkyRoom Studio has a very accurate control room where over 100 albums have been Recorded AND Mastered, and over 400 TV Shows, Cartoon and Film Soundtracks have been recorded the past 25 years! The isolation booth can fit up to 4 adult singers, 6 to 8 children, 2 acoustic guitars/singers, but most comfortable with one. A singer/guitarist could be in the booth and another acoustic musician could be in the control room as a pianist plays the Steinway Baby grand in another room. A small drumkit could fit either in the booth or control room. Normally a producer uses the Soft Symphony in the master control room to make then"track". Then the artist lays down a reference lead vocal. Then the producer records acoustic overdubs. The artists delivers an amazing lead with the awesome vintage vacuum tube mics and preamps, and then the backup vocals. The producer mixes and then our platinum engineer/producer masters the project.
Note: If it is a Rap session, only the Artist and a Manager are permitted. (A $4,000 Neumann Mic was stolen by a "rapper" named "Sir King/Maestro, and has unfortunatley has now caused this policy. This Mic was a 25 year old "classic" and hundreds of voices were majestically recorded with it, It has been replace with even a better Neumann, but this incidence has raised out fees.)
SkyRoom Recording Studio Rental Fees
4 Hour Minimum "Block" Rate, 100% Paid one week in advance to secure the studio time.
$45/hr Consulting Call (Audio or Video Chat)
$75/HR Studio Only, no engineer (only security.)
$100/HR One time "introduction" session or basic voice on top of a client supplied "track" with an assistant staff engineer.
4 HR min
Base Rate Includes a skilled staff engineer.
An award winning producer can be provided at an additional negotiated fee.
$125/HR VOICE-OVER Tracking & Editing with you as the talent (we can provide actors at an additional fee)-staff engineer
  VOCAL over "TRACK" (instrumental track or "beats"provided by client) Tracking & Mixing-staff engineer
  Multiple VOCALS with HARMONIES over "TRACK" (provided by Client) Tracking & Mixing-staff engineer
$300/HR Studio, Engineer & Producer
$300/HR ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENT OVERDUBS (this fee includes a musician we provide reading your charts)
$300/HR REALISTIC SYNTHESTRATION Orchestral-Like OVERDUBS with an expert producer
T.B.A. PRODUCTION Requires a custom quote
(We can make most styles of music, with a massive array of vintage synths and a huge "Soft Symphony" plugin library)
T.B.A. CUSTOM SCORING TO PICTURE requires a custom quote
(Our engineer has an Emmy, Platinum Albums, studied the "Golden Ears" program and taught hundrends of college students the craft in a program that places 2nd in the nation .) Most songs take less than an hour if mixed well.
See details here for Mix Guidelines.
$300/HR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY via Prestigious Portraits
$300/HR VIDEO PRODUCTION or EDITING all done in at least 4K UHD
4 Hour Minimum "Block" Rate, 100% Paid one week in advance to secure the studio time.
Paypal: Musial@OneWorldArtists
Certified Cashiers Check payable to: One World Artists, LLC
(This is an all digital recording facility.)
Client supplies an external transfer drive. The session is recorded on the internal Solid State Drive (SSD) and a backup of the session is provided to the client at the end of the session. The client takes the drive and makes a safety copy in their own facility, or pays an hourly rate to make a safety copy at SkyRoom. (This must be stated at the booking of the session.) "Cloud" storage is available to your account, but will incur an hourly fe for upload time. SkyRoom conducts many sessions in remote locations in other countries via "Teamviewer" control panels of the remote computers and Google "DRIVE" or "WeTransfer" or "YouSentIt" or "DropBox" clouds.
Rates are subject to change with no notice.