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Partial Listing of Clients

Take A Stand Theme & Soundtrack- Mastering - EMMY AWARD  

Recorded & Produced "Spread Peace All Over The World" 50th Anniverary  
Created soundtrack for the United States Young Marinnes Award with a performace by BRADY® of the song Impact. (Co-Composed by Musial & Brady. Produced by Musial.)  

Take A Stand Theme & Soundtrack Score & Production  

Show for the 25th Anniversary of the "Red Ribbon Drug Awareness Ralley" AWARD  
Created soundtrack for the song "IMPACT" performed in the Pentagon  
Created song song "IMAPCT" performed in the"Hall Of Hereos" in the Pentagon with David Webb  
Edited videos from U.S.S. Wasp  
Orchestrated the song "High Flight" for the Airforce Band  
Created song and music video "B.E.G.R.E.A.T!"  

United States Soldiers
Recorded and Edited songs and videos for Project Eleven  
Created #1 song and music video "We, Are, Drug, Free!"  
Created soundtracks and music videos for many "Gradiations"  
Ceated soundtracks and backing videos for shows in Disney  
Edit recordings from the ProjectEleven U.S.S. WASP Shoe &
Angelo Cerrone foer the Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday
The demo prep for R&B Groups Forever Chozen and John Doe were made here  
The Global Songbook, Andy Brick  
Flmed "N'Kenge" here for label demo  
HENDRIX RECORDS Janice Hendrix (sister to Jimi Hendrix) Edit sessions  

Private projects recorded  
The "Student Division" was inspired in this studio and many videos were edited for the youTube Channel  

"Pen Vs Pencil' Cartoon soundtrack post production  

Drew's Famous Party Music, The Hit Squad.
Over 60 albums were mastered here
many were recorded here as well.

2 Platinum and 7 Gold (or more).


The label often changes album covers, and does new compilations, so it is difficult now to tabulate the exact sales!


International Television Distribution

A multitude of soundtracks for animated cartoons and video games created here including:
The Mad Screen Box, Bay Dog, Magica, Doctor Disaster, The Yokies, Goosebumps, Johnny's Stories, Slap Shot, Tombik & B.B., Mouse Factory, Cartuna

The MAD SCREEN BOX is the 1st 4K Live Interactive Channel. SkyRoom recorded 16 of the 17 game voices in English and Neutral Spanish 2014 & 2015  
David Musial the creator and owner of SkyRoom Studio voiced 3 characters: Ludbug (a composer) Dr Sorry & prof Wasdis (how appropriate?)  
David Musial voiced the character "Rick" the leder of the Baydogs and did the casting for all other voices. Musioal also scored & sang thre theme and created all of the sound effects, hence the complete Audio Post. There wee 26 Episodes of the voice recorded.  
Musial did Voices and Music  
Baydog is also know as "Dog City Beach Patrol"  
Musial did Voices and Music and SFX  
Musial did Voices and Music and SFX  
Musial did Voices and Music and SFX  
Musial did Voices  
Musial composed the theme and underscore for in interactive, telephone call in game in Europe  
Musial composed and produced the Theme Song  
Musial did the voices of "Papa Yokie"  

New York University MusicTechnology Classes have been held here and Interns have  

Classroom. The Award Winning Music & Technology Program was "Born" here in 1993. Many 2-3 hour classes were held here FREE OF CHARGE, up until 2012. Sevral university students did internships here.  

Stevens Musltimedia, LLC edited many promo vidoes
Castle Point Records songs and videos edited

The first Alma Mater Song & Video was created here & 25th Anniv Documentary editing  

Theme song for motion picture starring Donnie Wahlberg of "New Kids on the Block"  
Three songs by Michelle Rodriguez and Santaigo Douglass were recorded her for the demo soundtrack.  

Soundtrack Score by Wayne Sharpe & and Sound Design by David Musial for "Welcome To The Max", the first film for the new KODAK OMNIMAX at the Liberty Science Center. Largest Cinema in the World in 1994. Featured in KEYBOARD MAGAZINE.  

Grey Advertising. Cover Girl & Revlon TV Coomercial Soundtracks  

Precious Moments TEA TV Commercial Soundtrack
performed by Dr. Ron Sadoff, Director NYU Film Music Program


Two artists recored here for the 2015 Label Launch; N'Knege & Sharae  
Global Hedquarters. original Concept & Theme an many shows filmed here  
Global Headquarters: Soundtracks for DISNEY, SPORTS ARENAS & more  
Global Heradquarters: over 25 Songs and Music Videos made here  
The "Amazing Lady Liberty" award winninng songs and msuic video was made here, and then used by the Jersey City Board of Education. Broadway Star "N'Kenge" and Canadian Star "BRADY®" recorded songs here for the event.  
TV Commercial score recorded and video edited  
Dr. Rob Gillio Music Video Contest, final song and video created here with the Music Producer Software Corp  
Endorsement Music Videos for Whitney Belker  
"Find the Golden Bird" Cast Album and Promo Video - Off Broadway  
Original Cast Album, Promo Video  
Cast Album and Promo Video- Off Broadway  
Cast Album and Promo Video- Off Broadway  
A variety of productions for Miss Bernadine DeMike including vidoe shoots for her NextGen Stars documentary at SkyRoom Studio.  
"Come Back One More Time So I CAn Say Goodbye" Promo Video
For the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, NYC
Surround Sound envirement made here. Endorsed by President Clinton  
"Brave New American Heroes" composed here on 9/11/01 durring the disaster, the song was recorded and the music video was edied here. A letter was reeievd from te White House after it was inducted into the Memorial  



Billy Atwell Pop Songs for Smart Trax: Guitarist & Drummer  
Kevin Bertotti Pop Songs, TV Show segments and Educational Media Voice-Over sessions  
Steve Clark MJ Medina, Ashley Avid & BRADY® Projects.  
Rob Harari Recorded guitars by "Julio Fernandez" of "Spyro Gyra" for a BRADY® project.  
Janice Hendrix Sister of Jimi Hendrix, edits for Hendrix Records  
Wayne Sharpe A multitude of Film Scores & TV Commercials. (On his own most recently he composed the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Campaign for CBS TV, the 2016 IMAX Films Global  Logo with a 70 piece Orchestra, The 2015 Miss Universe Pageant (largest TV audience in world history)  
Frank Serafine BRADY® Project. (Frank is one of the most distinguished Sound Designers in Hollywood:
He is best known for his work as a Hollywood Supervising Sound Editor / Designer on such blockbusters as the Star Trek and Tron movies, Addams FamilyThe FogPoltergeist: The Other SideRobotJoxIce Pirates,Hoodwinked 2OrgazmoLawnmowermanVirtuosityField of Dreams, Emmy Winning Sound Design on The Day After and Oscar Winning Sound Design for The Hunt for Red October, Ironman, Baywatch and more)
Dr. Yaz Shehab ESOTERIA III Video Game, USA 2100 Multimeida Venture, Heart First  

Carlos Alomar David Boiwe Music Director. David Musial hired him and produced several songs for BRADY® with guitars by Carlos. (Carlos co-wote "FAME" with David Bowie & John Lennon.)  

Ashley Avis
Ashley Avis was introduced to Prof. David Musial at the age of 16 when she was tited "Miss Teen Model Of The Universe" in 2003. Ashley recorded several songs for One Wolrd Artists, Smart Trax, Skate Dance and solo projects. Now signed to tehe WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY, LA. Ashley is a Hollywood Film Producer, with her newest creation "BLACK BEAUTY" distributed by DISNEY!  

David Musial was introduced to the amazingly gifted N'Kenge Park in 2007 when her wonderful dad asked him to become her "manager". David has produced a multitude of projects with her ever since! N'Kenge: National Anthem for Madison Square Garden demo, Video demo for Berry Gordie/Motown Records, many song sessions including "I Want It Again".  

Forever Chozen
FOREVER CHOZEN were introduced to One World in 1998. David Musial was assigend to be their first producer. Musial worked on 6 demo songs, co-produced the theme song to to motion picture "SOUTHIE" starring Donnie Wahlberg of 'New Kids On The Block", and then included them on the theme "TAKE A STAND" that won an Emmy Award for MTV! This work at SkyRoom Studio got them signed to SONY MUSIC for additional productions.  

Roger Ansanelli
Many songs and Voice-Over sessions. Roger acted in "The Stepford Wives" with Bette Midler. Roger has appeared on Saturday Night Live many times. Roger is also a SOUND HEALER  

Kasia Drucker
Kasia (Katarzyna) Drucker is a Polish Opera Star in the NYC area who has perforemd ofer 35 concerts with David Musial after he produced a Christmas Album. She appears in some music videos as well. Kasia loves to create, go hiking and play with her cool dog!  

MJ Medina
2 Full Albums, Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance, many Voice-Overs and many music videos  

KAYO started with Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more. KAYO singed a unique deal with "SHAQ" the basketball legend, and has produced hundreds of TV shows under the name "Roast & Review".This was after he did shows with Musial in Disney and in the nationa headquarttes for the D.E.A. in Washington!  

Maciej Part
Maciej Part joined the MusicTech Kids® program at 6 & 1/2 years in age by asking Prof. Musial to teach him to play the "pipe organ". By 7 he played and sang in POLISH at his family's church! 13 Episodes of a NextGen Stars TV series, "The LEGO Zombie Dance" Music Video. Prof. Musial wrote many songs with Maciej and made several musico videol. He is in the Mermaid Mysteries movie too! proudly performed his song "WHAT DA HECK IS DYNGUS DAY"in the biggest parade in the world in 2019!  
Rafal (Raf or Rafie) Wolosz was introduced to Prof. Musial by his grandpa Stanusz when he was 8, and he asked him to teach Rafie. Prof. Musial enolled him in the MusicTech Kids® program. wrote many songs with him and made several music videos. Rafie proudly performed his song "WHAT DA HECK IS DYNGUS DAY"in the biggest parade in the world in 2019!  
Jay Jay E started studying piano in the uniqu MusicTech Kids® program at age 10. He has learned to make many songs and music videos. He has been in the biggest parade in America. By age 12 he recorded his first solo album!  

Biddy Q
Biddy has done numerouse msuic & Voice-Over sessions. The rap song "What You Crying For" by "AJE" was assisted here and won 1st Place Live at the Apollo. Biddy coproduced a track called "I" here for the "Take a Stand project that earned an Emmy Award for MTV.  
once Forever Chozen were signed to SONY MUSIC, Brian Nathanial Smith then brought to Musial "JOHN DOE". They too were sigend ti SONY after Musial produced their "DEMO" at SkyRoom in 1998.  

Christopher Bohinski
Pop/Broadway/Liturgical arranging sessions. Chris is now a Broadcast Personality an has intervieed dozens of celebtities like Beth Midler, James Earl Jones, N'Kenge and more!  

Bubble Queen a.k.a. Carol Lester
Musial produxed 2 Full Albums, many music videos with the amazingly talented CAROL LESTER.  

Angelo Cerrone
One full album, many additional songs and a multitude of Voice-Overs. "National Anthem" for the 100th Anniversary of Baseball. mastered "My Way" recorded at Frank Sinatra's funeral in Hoboken in 1998. Live SIRIUS XM Radio Broadcast for Frank Sinata's 100th Birhday from SkyRoom  


4 full albums, many Voice-Overs, many music videos. Musial; placed Brady on major stagesd, on Radio & TV Shows, in Disney and even on an Active Aircraft Carrier & in the very rare "HALL OF HEROES" in the Pentagon. Musial also recorded most of the song on his 5th album, (which was not completed befor he returned to hsi homeland of Canada in 2020.)

See the short TV Documentary Musial produced all about this here.


Douglas Santiago

3 Original songs for the Movie he Co-starred in "GIRL FIGHT" (later "Mad Screen Box"  

Ben Clifford
"Humanity" & "The Amazing Lady Liberty" vocal tracks  

Juliano DeRossi
Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more (of the "Martini &  Rossi Family)  

Bernadine DeMike
Several sessions for a NextGen Stars TV Series  

Chelsey Biship
Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  

Artist Drake
Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  

Darlene Edwards
Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  

Lil Ben Baker
At Ten Years of age, Ben recorded "In Line Boy","Hey You Dropped Something" and more.  

Exel a.k.a. Terraine Filmore
Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  

Henry Farnam

Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  
Jesus Fernandez Video King, First Smart Trax Song 1993  

Julio Fernandez
4 time Grammy winner Spyro Gyra, recorded guitars on BRADY Songs!  
Marcus Goldhaber Recorded "Come Home America" song and music video for Project Eleven.  

King Fish Man

7 Full albums, many music videos and Voice-Overs  

Bryan Hearn
"He Took A Gun To School" song, (Nickelodeon TV, "All That", "Hard Ball" movie with Keanu Reeves  
Bill Lewis Produced “I Want It Again ”by Bill Lewis with Motown/Broadway Star “N’Kenge” and “Brady”. Bill composed the mega hits: "Cherish", "The Wedding Song", "I'd Really Like To Be With You Tonight", "The Laverne & Shirley Theme Song".  

Francesca Mazza

Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  

Deanna Nicolosi
Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  

Megi Caushi
Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  

David Musial
David Musial has worked on well over 100 albums, 400 TV show soundtracks, 10 cartoon series, 2 video games, music for roller & ice skating rinks, sports arenas, Disney, even the Hall of Heroes on the Pentagon at SkyRoom Studio since 1991.  

David Musial Broadcast Music Library
David Musial creates instrumentals in all kinds of styles, he likes to "break the rules". (He once had a Music Theory professor in college state that "unless it's BACH, it's not MUSIC". David politely asked the professor to repeat what he said, and he did. Musial wlaked out of the class and quit! Musal studied BACH since a chiled and palyed a BACH composition on pipe organ for his audition at this exclusive university. David loves BACH, but thers so much more out there!) This ongoing library is an eclectic adventure!  
David Musial has collected photos & vidoes of over 1,000 ridiculous bogus statements in advertising the past 20 years like "JUST Pizza" and they sell "CHICKEN WINGS".  Or "BURGER King sells HOT DOGS"? (Maybe they should change their name to "HOT DOG QUEEN"?  So coming soon is a feature film and score by Musial that is both a comedy and a social statement.  

David Musial has played Keyboads in Churches since 1970 and still does today. This is an ongoing instrumental series which is edited and mastered at SkyRoom Studio. 

"Making a Joyful (if Somewhat Odd) Noise!"

People are always turning their heads and saying 'WHERE'S ALL THE MUSIC COMING FROM"? IT SOUNDS LIEK LES MIS!


"It adds body and richness to the general liturgy"


Melinda Paddock
Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  

Londell Wilson
U.S.Dept of Justice D.E.A. Show  

Samuel Picasso
Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  
Samatha Quartin Solo works  

Asim Robinson
Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  
Michelle Rodriguez 3 Original songs for the Movie she Co-starred in "GIRL FIGHT" (later "AVATAR", Resdent Evil", "Fast And Furious"."HALO2")  

Jeremiah Seth
Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  

LaShawn Small
Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  
Bridgette Valentin Songs for Smart Trax, Skate Dance and more  

David Stellmach
Piano Solos and Ground Sweel (Jazz) EP
Groud Swell earened #1 Smooth Jazz Artists on CD 101.9 FM NYC.

Wacky Chef a.k.a. Jim Rebholz
7 Episodes for a NextGen Stars series, 2 EP Albums. (Jim ia a Healthy Chef for AM Bufflao, ABC TV)  
...and many, many more!